Damn, son...
Lonnie MF Allen attended the University of Denver for fine arts, but made comics instead. As a result, he cut his teeth for many years in the DIY scene in Denver.
A nihilist by day, he transforms into an existentialist from dusk to dawn. 
As a cartoonist, his artwork and comics have appeared in The Westword, BirdySuspect Press, and The Denver Post, as well as comic publishers Dark Horse and Image Comics. His comic work has been Eisner nominated, he was named one of Westword's 100 Colorado Creativesand was the recipient of the prestigious DiNKy Award.
Lonnie MF Allen has been the cat-wrangler of the Denver Drink & Draw, a long time cartoonist co-op. 
He works freelance as a writer, cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer.
Interviews & Articles
“(One) of Denver’s best comic artists” 
-Kyle MacMillan, Denver Post
"...a writer of powerful, emotional short stories."
-Mark Campos, Poopsheet Reviews
"...a really great read!"
-Optical Sloth
"For anyone who does not believe in the talent of independent creators, this is the book to change your mind." 
-Eliot Johnson, Broken Frontiers
"Lonnie Allen's USA WAR Instruction Manual is reminiscent of the agitprop to be found for the past couple of decades in World War Three Illustrated, using a clip-art style to comment on out-of-control U.S. aggression quite pointedly.  [Lonnie Allen's and Matt Dembecki's] are the stand out pieces..." 
-Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy
"An intergalactic bounty hunter who speaks in Haiku, an abortion, a monkey with a robot head, pneumonia, and small town prejudice; what do these all have in common? They all carry a common theme of love and loss. Newcomer, Lonnie Allen weaves them together in a wonderful melancholic fabric of fiction." 
-Lisa Jonte, Sequential Tart
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